Monday, June 25, 2012


2 qt. [4 qt.] Mojito recipe

2 [4] limes

Mint leaves (a good handful [or two])

1 [2] liter[s] club soda - 33.8 fluid ounces [x 2]

3/4 [1 2/3] cup[s] white rum

Simple syrup: 1 [1 1/2] cup[s] each sugar and water, gently boiled together just until sugar dissolves into water

Muddle (smush together with a wooden spoon or muddler if you have one to release the oils and juices) mint and limes in two 2 qt. pitchers or mason jars.  Pour simple syrup and rum over muddled mixture and stir.  Add soda and stir gently.  Add ice as desired.