Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This week's menu...

::whines::  I'm tired and I don't wanna plan anything...

...but I'm going to because I need to.

Cash is tight and the calendar is full, which means that I'm going with a nice, easy menu this week (unfortunately that means very few recipes to share with you this week).

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...this week's menu...

Monday:  leftovers from potluck

Tuesday:  pasta with meatballs

Wednesday:  soup and salad

Thursday:  ...4th of July!!!  ...which means that people are coming over and, well, we'll see what happens, I guess...  I know that I'm making marshmallows (which I've made many, many times before but it's been too long) and graham crackers (a first for me), and probably a lot of other stuff.

Friday:  pizza night

Saturday:  leftovers

Sunday:  pot roast

What's on your menu?  ...any big plans for the Fourth?

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