Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well, here it is, a little after noon on New Year's day and I'm finally getting moving...  Though it's not like I had all that much recovering to do from last night.  I stayed home with my kids, my mom came over and I babysat my niece.  All in all it was a quiet night.  I even got to give my fiancee a New Year's kiss...

I realize that it's been a little while since I've posted and I have to catch you up on how our crafty Christmas went!  I managed to finish most of the gifts that I had planned...  with the exception of the rag rug for the girls and O's bean bag chair.  Which was fine, they each still got a total of four handmade gifts from me alone.  I made them each slippers, a robe, an embroidered pillow (which was also what I made for family members) and two sketch books based on Amy Karol's idea.  The only change that I made was using plain poster board instead of backer board, which made them a little less sturdy, but a little bit less expensive.

Rye's robe

Moo's robe

O's robe

Rye's pillow and Moo smiling over hers

O and Moo's pillows

Kitty Gramma's pillow

Rye's initial reaction to the sketchbooks.....  
"a blank book?!?!  Ooooh, it's a sketch book!" (then came the smile)

My mom (Kitty Gramma) made them all kinds of stuff!  Oh, let's see if I can remember it all....  O got a hobby horse (from this tutorial).  They all got really cool overnight bags- I want one, they're so neat!  She also made them growth charts that match the quilts she made for them last Christmas, and the girls got a wall hanging for their room that ties together both of their quilts.
The girls' wall hanging

Rye's overnight bag

Rye's growth chart

Moo's overnight bag

Moo's growth chart

O's overnight bag

O's growth chart

My Gramma (Puppy Gramma) made the girls their super cute corduroy jumpers that they're wearing in the photos.  (She said that O will get something handmade from her soon)

I got a toasty fleece circle vest thingie from my future mother-in-law.  It's adorable.

I made my fiancee a pair of slippers, a simple fleece blanket (the kind where you tie knots around the edges), and two hot/cold rice bags (video tutorial here).  All of it was camo themed.
rice hot/cold packs

The kids also got TONS (too many, if you ask me) of toys from us, the grandparents and Santa.  Moo didn't get the bike she wanted.....  yet.  But all three kids got helmets and a promise that they will get to pick out their own bikes.  Rye got the Barbie kitchen she asked for, and O even got the dress-up bin he asked for.

It was a good Christmas.

....back to New Year's stuff...

I don't like the idea of "resolutions."  They're stupid promises that people make to themselves and end up breaking weeks, or even days later.  I'm not down with that.  I've been through enough broken resolutions in the past that I'm not going to waste my time with them.  So this year, I'm going to try something new.  I'm going to make some major lifestyle changes.  I think that that's as far as I'm going to go with that topic for now...  I'll share more in a future post.  Just remember "CHANGES."

....and now it's nearly 4:00 and I'm *finally* posting!  Eh, at least I got around to it today...

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