Sunday, January 22, 2012

...remember when I mentioned changes?

...I didn't forget!  I swear!  This year, rather than having a New Year's resolution, which I surely would have broken by now, I decided to make some life changes and set realistic goals for myself.  Some of these changes are definitely much bigger than others...

The first one was changing my eating habits and, in turn, my family's as well.  We are now "flexitarian," so to speak....  not in the fancy "the only meat we eat is free range, organic, no antibiotic, etc." sort of way (I wish we could, but with a family of five living on one income, we just plain can't afford it).  We are simply limiting our meat-based meals to every-other dinner or less.  That was an easy enough change, given that we're all pretty open to trying new foods.  :o)

My next change is challenging myself to drink more water.  I want my eight cups a day.  I feel better when I drink it, and I start to lose weight, which boosts my self-esteem.

Another change was having my no-more-babies surgery.  Done and recovering.  No more worries, yay!

Other changes include being more active, playing more (especially with my kids), starting to compost come springtime, and completing at least one challenge from my inspiration jar each month.

....which brings us to the inspiration jar itself...

Things it's filled with are:

  • poach an egg
  • make croissants
  • make pot stickers
  • make pirogi
  • make myself a skirt
  • make myself an apron
  • finish Rye's doll (I started crocheting a doll for her a year ago and *need* to finish it!)
  • make moussaka
  • finish O's painting (same deal as Rye's doll)
  • finish my zebra painting (yeah, this is something I started in high school -it's about time I finish it)
...I'm sure I'll keep adding to this list as time goes on, too.

Oh, and I have to plan our September wedding.

Looking at all of it here, it looks like a lot...  but I know that if I break it all down I can totally do it.  And I'll do it all well, goshdarnit.


  1. So I bought a jar the other day :) and wanted to do this this weekend but started to paint three different rooms (crazy) and then I cleaned and found an even better jar to use. Now to return the new jar, and start on the old jar :) so excited! thank you for the idea!

  2. Yay, Sarah! I want to see pictures when you're done! :o)