Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The other day, the kids and I spent some time doing crafts together...

The girls each painted a disney princess figurine (Rye did cinderella and Moo did Belle).  

O colored a Spiderman picture and a frame for it.

Since it took the girls a lot longer to finish their craft, I had O help me with a few of the wedding decorations that need too be done for my tooquicklyapproaching wedding.

First, he put together his ring bearer "pillow" - which consisted of:

a small bit of dried moss

•a ready-made nest

•a short length of thin ribbon or string (about a foot and a half is more than enough, you can always trim it later)

•tacky glue or hot glue

We started off by threading both ends of the ribbon through the bottom of the nest so they came up through the top center of it next to each other, but with a stock or two between them so there was something to help hold them in place. Then we knotted the ribbon and positioned the moss in the nest so that the two ends of the ribbon had a little space between them, that way the rings will have somewhere to sit.  Finally, we glued the moss into place, let it dry, then O got to practice his job for the wedding!  He was so proud!

We had lots of moss leftover, so why let it go to waste? 

O stuffed the rest into jars until I told him they were full enough.

Some of  the jars we used were hanging jars that my mom and I made a few weeks ago...  They're pretty quick and easy to make.

...I plan on doing a tutorial on the hanging jars sometime in the very near future...

I still have one big furry-looking chunk of moss left, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet...  I'll figure something out, I'm sure.

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