Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school!!!

Yep, it's that time of year again!  I had the joy of sending my little ladies off to their new first grade and third grade classes on Wednesday, and mister O gets to start at his pre-K class on Monday!  What am I ever going to do with myself with no kids home for half the day??? hope is that I'll get more housework done...

In preparation for school,
the girls spent some time making a WHOLE BUNCH of hair accessories!

Here is my girls' debut as bloggers; a tutorial on hair accessories:

Rye: We made alooooot of crafts!

Moo: Mommy helped us with our hairbands and such...

Rye: ...and we were late for dinner....

Moo: We used barrettes and hair ties,
and for some of the hair ties, we wired beads on.

Rye: I wired beads on a headband and it is really pretty....
and we did a lot of headbands.
We also hot-glued beads and jewelry glued this really pretty headband,
and it has a matching hair tie.

Moo: I made a Hello Kitty headband, it has Hello Kitty ribbon on it.
We hot-glued the ribbon on so that it looks wavy.
We put little dots of hot glue on in different spot and we pressed the ribbon onto the glue
- and then we did it to both sides.

Rye: I made a barrette with a hot glue gun,
but I found the button yesterday...  it came off of the barrette.
I learned to not put a button on a barrette using hot glue.
I should have used a wire or jewelry glue.

Moo:  I made a purple, fuzzy headband with some trim
that you could put on lamps or on the bottoms of purses,
because Riley and I were talking about maybe doing that for our next project.
I made the headband by taking some trim and I jewelry glued it to a headband.
I had to pinch it really tight so the trim wouldn't move while it was drying.
Then, I took some of the excess trim and then I, um, took a purple hair tie (so it would match)
and I found a wire that would go with it -I like yellow, so I did a yellow wire- it was a small wire.
I wrapped the wire around the trim and then I twisted it onto the hair tie.  

Rye:  Mommy made this pretty clip.
It had gold trim on it, and ribbon flowers.
She jewelry glued it all onto a clip.  

And she made a big barrette with a button holding some feathers together,
she hot-glued them and then jewelry glued the hot-glue onto the barrette.

Moo:  I have a tip for people who use barrettes for crafts;
don't hot glue the  stuff down.
You should use jewelry glue because hot glue and metal (or plastic)
don't stick to each other.
Hot-glue the, like, feathers together and then get your barrette ready
and put some jewelry glue on it after the hot glue is dried.

Please give my girls feedback and let them know how they did!  Thanks!  <3