Friday, October 19, 2012

We're MARRIED!!!

We finally did it!  After a five-year-long engagement, we finally made it legally binding!  And now, nearly three weeks later, I'm still exhausted.

I married my best friend!

As you might imagine, 99% of our wedding was DIY....  and if I didn't actually do it myself, then a friend or a family member probably did.

My mother-in-law made my dress.

A friend made the cake...

....and her husband officiated.

Some friends provided music...
...for the ceremony...

...and for the reception.

A bunch of people helped to decorate and set up.

And, of course, it wouldn't have been such an amazing day without all of our loved ones!

...and a special thank you to our photographer, Jamie Kelly of StrangeFate Photography for all of the wonderful pictures!!!

(Some tutorials will be up in the future, but no promises as to when, given that Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas are on their way and I'll be crazy busy!!!)

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  1. Oh, I love how Oliver is sitting at Jenny's feet in the one pic!!!!