Thursday, June 13, 2013

My kids' summer bucket lists...

The other day, I got a phone call from my mom suggesting that I have the kids write up summer bucket lists.  They gave me some pretty funny stuff:

O's cover 

Rye's list:

"To DOOO this summer!
  • go to the pool
  • cook a lot!
  • ride my bike!
  • spend a lot of time with my family!
  • go to the park!
  • spend a lot of time outside
  • spend a lot of time with my mom!
  • have sleepovers with Mackenzie!
  • spend time with Lily"
Moo's list:

"bucket list of summer notes
  1. make milkshake
  2. Disneyland
  3. go to the mall
  4. have a sleepover
  5. plant a tree
  6. get a girls' day
  7. make cookies
  8. get cows to come over from Aunt Holly's so we can have some milk
  9. go to the pool
  10. go to the park
  11. go to Grandma's"
O's list:

"O's summer bucket list
  • blow out citronella torches
  • drink milkshake
  • play at the park with Puppy Gramma
  • play on Mommy's phone
  • go to "rocket ship" park again
  • make necklaces
  • eat with Miss Ginny (our neighbor)
  • make s'mores with Kitty Gramma
  • decorate shirts (my suggestion: tie-dye!)
  • make kites (original thought: 'make paper Christmas trees')
  • make paper tables
  • go to the zoo (and see the snakes)
  • draw something
  • play with my toys
  • run around
  • play with roly-polies
  • look for bunnies in the clouds and sky
  • eat pepperonis not on pizza
  • play with water
  • go swimming
  • drink lemonade (and juice)
  • play with Jack and Lily
  • plant plants
  • fly like birds ('you say, "how are we gonna fly?"  ...with airplanes!')
  • play with Mommy
  • play with a lot of people
  • let's cook!
  • cook hot dogs
  • sleep and just go to bed (jammie day)
  • make bracelets
  • drive to Kitty Gramma's house
  • garden
  • ride bike" I guess we won't run out of things to do over summer break between their lists, my mom's list and mine...

...oh, and I found this in the garden a couple of days ago... was delicious...
...we split it five ways...

What's on your summer bucket list?

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