Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week's menu... 2/3/14-2/9/14...

It's only Tuesday and so much has happened this week...  Life is full of experiences to learn and grow from.
...this week's menu...

Monday:  rigatoni with rose sauce (I just used about one cup of my homemade marinara, plus about 1/2 cup of store bought garlic alfredo, YUM!)sausage and lentils with fried sage

Tuesday:  ordered pizza (it was a rough day...  I was in no mood to cook -or do much of anything- and my husband fully supported my lack of motivation)

Wednesday:  sausage and lentils with fried sage

Thursday:  pizza night (...I know, I know...  twice in one week, how horrible and redundant...) 

Friday:  Crockpot Red Lentil, Quinoa & Veggie Curry (...didn't get to it last week...)

Saturday:  Riley's 8th birthday party, so it's her choice

Sunday:  BBQ chicken thighs with corn and peas

What's on your menu this week?

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