Monday, January 27, 2014

This week's menu... 1/27/14-2/2/14...

Thanks to living in an arctic tundra (otherwise known as the Chicagoland area in the winter of 2014), the kids' schools were closed today...  and will be again tomorrow.  Thus preventing my usual early week grocery shopping trip, since I can't take the little ones out in these frigid temperatures.  Hence, the first couple of meals on our menu this week...

...this week's menu...

Monday:  leftovers or whatever is in the freezer/pantry

Tuesday:  a version of this one pot cheesy pasta using whatever ingredients I can find in the house

Wednesday:  turkey meatballs (using the recipe for turkey burgers that Nikki and I shared on Create! Don't Comsume! ...we canned some of the cranberry ketchup the other day, too!  Yummy!) and broccoli

Thursday:  pizza night

Friday:  fish sticks and minty peas

Saturday:  Crockpot Red Lentil, Quinoa & Veggie Curry

Sunday:  steak fajita salad (recipe to be shared later)

What's on your menu this week?

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