Monday, November 28, 2011

Another wreath...

...It's a different one, but this time I'll show you how to make it! Yay!

  • sticks/small branches
  • scissors
  • eye protection
  • hot glue gun
  • foam core or cardboard, cut into a ring shape
  • scrap fabric, cut into strips and/or ribbon (optional)

Glue one end of the fabric to the back of the wreath shape and begin wrapping to cover so that no cardboard is showing.

When it's completely covered, hot glue the end and trim.  Attach a ribbon for hanging, or leave the tail of the fabric and hot glue into a loop (which is what I did).

Now, take your sticks and begin breaking them so that they're about an inch to an inch and a half longer than the width of the wreath.  My wreath is about 2" wide, so my sticks are about 3"-3 1/2".  If it helps, use the scissors to score the sticks where you want to break them. You should be wearing EYE PROTECTION while doing this...

Do your hands hurt now?  

Begin placing sticks evenly around your wreath, hot gluing as you go....

Keep filling it in..........

......and voil√†!  You're done!

What did you think of my first tutorial?  Did you find it helpful?  Did it all make sense to you?  Please comment!

...and thanks for reading!

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