Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to my world....

How does one start a very first post to a brand new blog?  Especially with little to no experience blogging....?  I'm going to start by introducing myself, I suppose.  My name is Kassy and I'm a stay at home mother of three.  I'm also a crafter in nearly every sense of the word, and I *love* cooking and baking...  Oh, and I don't like talking about myself (not that you could tell, huh?).  I also over-use punctuation........  especially periods.  Deal with it.

I guess I'm here because I want to be able to share what I do with, well whoever is interested.

Today I'm insanely over-tired due to staying up 'till 2 a.m. canning some turkey stock.  Thanksgiving was the day before yesterday so, after everyone left our house Thursday night, I stuck the carcass in the slow cooker and left it on low.  Then I let it cook and cook and cook, and moved it to my 12 qt. stockpot and let it cook some more.  Finally, around 10 last night, I decided that I should probably do something with it....  7 qts, are canned and ready for the pantry!  Oh, yeah.  ::yawn::

For anyone who might be interested, here is a pattern I wrote for a knitted cowl...  it's my very first pattern and it hasn't been tested yet, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I'll add some pictures as soon as I'm able to take some, but for now here's the pattern: Oversized Chunky Cabled Cowl

Enjoy the pattern and thanks for reading!

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