Friday, December 16, 2011

Nine days to Christmas and counting....

I'm still making progress, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to end up pulling another all-nighter on Christmas eve like I have for the past two Christmases....

We went to my cousin's 4th birthday party last night, where she got her pair of slippers from me.  When I talked to her mom this morning, I was told that she had been wearing them all morning with her other dress-up stuff she got for her birthday.  Apparently she loves them and she has a little room to grow in them.  ::win::

Here are the ones I made for my girls using this pattern (Moo's are purple and Rye's are peach):

And here's a shot of the sparkly fabric paint dots to make them non-skid:

I also finally got some shots of O's slippers (here's the pattern), though the red was so bright that I had to fiddle with the saturation and stuff (maybe I can get the fiance to take some better pics of them in the future).

....the rug for the girls' room is well on it's way, and you can expect a crochet pattern for that sometime in the future!  I guess I'm a little more motivated than I thought...

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