Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm not one of "those girls"....

...who goes and pays too much money to get her nails done.  If you're the type, I'm not judging...  it's just a waste of money for someone like me who gets her hands dirty A LOT.  That, and since I had my kids I just don't get to paint like I used to, so I give myself a few minutes every week or so to remind myself of how to use a paintbrush.  

Anyway, like lots of other ladies, I do my nails and get excited about the pretty colors....  try to show my fiance (expecting *some* reaction...  really, anything would be nice)...  and nothing.  Then it hit me the other night.  He doesn't care because what I'm showing him doesn't interest him ::duh::, so if I want him to react, I have to show him something that he'll find interesting!    

(please ignore the messy edges, I still had some cleaning up to do)

When I showed him, I told him that my nails disappeared (a joke he likes to make when he's wearing camo- "You can't see me!").  He chuckled, then informed me that it was the wrong kind of camo...  can I do the kind with leaves, he asked.  I told him sure, if I had the tools...  maybe this means I'll get one of those neat nail stamp plates?

Yeah, probably not.

...and now for something completely different...

It was my Rye's 6th birthday yesterday!!!  I can't believe how much she's grown up in the last year...  she really is turning into quite the little lady.  

I love this girl!