Saturday, March 10, 2012

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"...

...and I *mean* it this time!  I'm sick and tired of being overwhelmed by housework.  Not that I'm whining, but I'm fed up with being the only one that does any work around the house...  that is, unless we battle it out, in which case the kids will eventually come around after a lot of head-butting.

Well, I've had it.  I'm.  Done.

A couple of days ago, I had it up to the figurative "here" and set to work on a household chore chart.  This one is definitely not just for the kids, as I could use some help in the area of being motivated to get off my crafty butt and clean stuff up, too.

First I sat down and wrote out *every* household chore that I could think of.  Then,  I split it up based on where the work is (kitchen, bathrooms, home or laundry.  Finally, I broke it up into what has to be done when (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly).  I put boxes next to each item, in some cases as many as five (this was in the case of laundry, which gets split up according to each child, Mom and Dad's and household) and color-coded them so the kids know exactly what their responsibilities are.  This was easy for them to grasp, given their colored laundry baskets they each chose a few months ago...

Moo is green, Rye is pink and O is blue.
This has made for easy organization
over the past few months and I can only 
assume that it will continue to help over the years.

This is what I came up with...

Keep in mind, this is only the first page -daily and weekly- my plan is to print up both pages, plus my recipes for cleaners, laminate and hang them from rings.  So I'll have a flip chart with everything right there.  Here's one that you can print for yourself if your chores are anything like my family's (I only put one box next to each task here, but feel free to copy, paste and edit to your heart's content).

On a lighter note...  my last two manicures were fun, so I wanted to share... 

This one was inspired by the vital juice purple kale manicure
that one of my friends linked to on Facebook.

...and this one was inspired by 

And, last-but-most-definitely-not-least, I made my very first apron this week!!!  It consists of four coordinating fat quarters, it took about an hour in total (well, it would have if I hadn't been running around the house mothering my children), and it's *reversible*!!!  I used this tutorial.

I like this side the best...
this fabric was the whole reason 
that I bought this particular fat quarter bundle.

...but I really am happy with both sides.
I finally have a cute apron to bake in...
Now to go make some cookies!

Yikes, I go a few days without posting and I end up having *so much* to catch up on!  Thanks for reading and please let me know if my chore chart was helpful for you/your family!  

(And, in case you didn't catch the reference in this post's title...  it's from this movie.  Check out this famous clip)


  1. The second mani is what we call a skittle They are very cute.

  2. Why "Skittle"??? I can only guess because of the bright colors...? I had fun doing it though, and it's lots of fun to wear! Thanks!