Monday, March 5, 2012

its all about the small joys in life... coffee.  I like coffee - a lot.  Especially good coffee.  I've heard talk of cold-brewed coffee over the last couple of years, but I never realized just how insanely easy it is to make...  that is, until I watched this video last night!  Needless to say, I RAN (quite literally, actually) to my kitchen, dumped some coffee grounds and water into a glass, stirred it, covered it and left it on the counter over night.  This morning, while the kids were getting ready for school, I popped a coffee filter into a funnel and strained my coffee-mud into a glass.  I am now enjoying a vanilla "iced" latte.......  this is one of those moments when I wish that we had ice on hand, but our freezer is too full of food to be able to run the ice maker.  Eh, next time...?

As soon as I made my coffee this morning,
I prepped a jar of coffee for tonight...
Good stuff, I tell ya.

On a completely different note, I pulled my monthly goal from my inspiration jar a few days ago...  and this month's winner is, (drum roll, please)  "MAKE MOUSSAKA!"  

I'm really excited about this one!  I mean, it's really nothing special for me to try a new recipe, even if its something totally new to me (i.e. seitan, which I now *love*)...  but this one should be special for my fiance, given that he's mentioned (more than once) that he'd like for me to make it.  Plus, I hear that its kind of lasagna-esque and he swears up and down that he doesn't like lasagna...  this could help to bring him over to the dark side.  ::evil laughter::

Let's see...  what else did I want to say...?

Oh!  I finished the first of the series of embroideries that I have planned...  and I'm onto the second.  I think I'm going to wait until I've finished a few more before I start sharing pictures of them...  or maybe not, we'll see.

I went to the country this past weekend for the craft show...  which was cancelled due to bad weather.  Blech.  That was totally disappointing.  But, since I was already in the area before I found out that it was cancelled, I got to spend the day with one of my very best friends and her kiddo, which was awesome.  And lunch and the little diner down the street from her was pretty great, too.  

I'm getting the feeling that there was more that I wanted to write about today, but I can always come back and post again, right?

If you try the cold-brewed coffee, let me know what you think!

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