Thursday, August 8, 2013

The countdown is on...

Yes folks, it's that time of year again.....  THE KIDS ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

---no, I'm not excited...  why do you ask?

...just kidding...  I can't wait!

Now, I know the kids would be offended at this, so let me clarify:  I'm not excited that they'll be gone all day, I'm excited that I'll have more time to focus on some of the projects that I've had on my to-do list for far too long...  and that it'll be quiet because they'll be gone all day.  ;o)

So, I mentioned some of the organizational YouTubers that I've been watching awhile ago (I'm not sure which post...  maybe I'll link to it in the future, just not right at this moment).  One of them is At Home With Nikki, she does lots of organizational, time management, cleaning and decorating videos (apparently she has a blog, but I haven't checked it out at this point).  About two weeks ago she posted this video full of back to school tips...

Well, I jumped on it and went out and got supplies to make my own school information binder for the kids.  I'm so happy with it so far!  It has already helped me to stay on track with the little bits of registration that we I was slacking on.

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While I watched At Home With Nikki's video, I took notes (using Google Keep, my all-time favorite note-taking app) so I knew exactly what to put where.  As it stands, this is my set-up:

...I have my family's color-coding system
on the inside of the front cover...

...then a three-hole pencil pouch containing felt-tip pens in
each of our colors (labeled accordingly, of course), a ball-point pen,
a black sharpie, corrective tape, extra repositionable tabs
and 1" post-it strips (I cut a stack of 3x3" post-its into thirds to get this size)... 

...after this are sheet protectors and folders that I labeled using repositionable tabs and my clear label tape for my Dymo Letra tag label maker:
  • school supply lists
  • back to school goals (I created my own worksheet using
  • school calendars
  • district calendar
  • lunch calendars
  • monthly calendars...
    • August through June
    • each month gets its own page protector
    • "sync" these with the school/district calendars
    • use these to track kids sick days, the days they don't have homework, any other important info that you might need to talk to the teacher/school about
  • a folder for each kid with a page protector behind it for anything "extra"
    • I added an extra one behind Rye's for her Girl Scout stuff, Moo will probably get one for orchestra as well

      ...are you ready for the school year?

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