Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Punch card reward system...

In a recent post, I mentioned another reward system for big jobs that they don't complain about and jobs outside of the house (like helping Kitty Gramma clean up around her house or emptying Miss Nikki's dishwasher).  The funny thing is, a few days after introducing this system, I saw basically the  same idea on Pinterest!  I didn't pin it since I had already done it, but I thought the coincidence was pretty funny...  great minds think alike, I suppose... or, you know, take inspiration from the eyebrow threading booth at the mall.

So, what is it?  

It's a punch card system!

They get ten punches and they get to pick something from the bucket!

The rewards!!!
(Don't tell the kids that most of it is from the dollar store.
What isn't is stuff that I've come across while cleaning)

The kids LOVE it.  *And* they get to choose from a prize bucket at home or one at my best friend's house.  HUGE motivator.

Try it.  It works on my kids, let me know if it works on yours.

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