Monday, November 4, 2013

This week's menu... 11/4/13-11/10/13...

When I started my menu planning for the week, I was interrupted and set the planner down on the kitchen counter.... which point, my husband decided to help with the planning...

...this week's *real* menu...

Monday:  leftovers

Tuesday:  [andouille] sausage and summer squash stew (I'll be using the last squash from this year's garden...  it's bittersweet)

Wednesday:  spaghetti night

Thursday:  pizza night

Friday:  turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and cranberry ketchup (recipe will be posted on Create! Don't Consume!)

Saturday:  Mona's cooking...  not sure what yet, but I'm sure we'll blog about it

Sunday:  roasted chicken thighs and roasted broccoli with mashed potatoes

What's on your menu this week?

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