Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting my hands dirty... the garden, yo!

The exhaustion is worth it.

I think.

Seven hours in the garden on Sunday.  Another two or so (I think) on Monday and two on Tuesday...  more to come, too!  The way I see it, this is getting me back on track with my health (which I've totally been slacking on, but thankfully haven't gained much more than a pound or two back ::knocks on wood::)...  I'm even back to yoga (which I've put off for about a month--  BAD, Kassy!) to help work out the tightness that the yard work has left me with.

I'm not doing all of this on my own, though...  last year, my garden was...  well, pretty sad.  I mean, we had lots of tomatoes, some potatoes and TONS of Swiss chard, but not much more than that.  This year my friend, Nikki, has come to my rescue in many ways.  She has helped with the planning, the purchasing, the planting...  heck, it's her garden this year too!!!
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So, this is where we are so far (before pictures are from late March, after pictures are from this week):

...herb garden before...

...herb garden after...

...side of the house before...

..the kiddos and I have since added some 
tulips and daffodils from our neighbor...
More pictures will be up in the next few weeks.

...side of the garage before...

 ...side of the garage after...
...something mosquito-repelling will go in that hanging basket,
we've been on the hunt for lemongrass, but have yet to find any...

...corner view of garage before...

...corner view of garage after...

...back of garage before...

...back of garage after...

Lots done, lots more to do!  I forgot to take a few after pictures, like the raised bed and the front corner of the garage, but there isn't much of a change in either of those places at this point.

So, here's what we have done so far:

  • raised bed
    • red onions
    • scallions
  • side of house
    • blueberry
    • black raspberry
    • tulips and daffodils
  • herb garden
    • oregano
    • thyme
    • chives
    • sweet marjoram
    • a bunch of wild carrots (aka "Queen Anne's Lace")
  • side of garage
    • peas
    • peppers
      • sweet banana
      • jalapeno
      • cayenne
      • misc. pepper seeds that I've collected from cooking (mostly bell peppers) 
    • cucumbers
  • back corner of garage
    • sunflowers
    • watermelons
  • back of garage
    • tomatoes
      • large cherry
      • small yellow
      • big beef
      • some kind of large heirloom (I threw out the seed packet, so I don't remember what kind it was -- sorry, Nikki!)
    • eggplants
      • regular
      • white
    • corn
    • winter squash
      • butternut
      • acorn
      • delicata
    • summer squash
      • yellow zucchini
      • green zucchini
      • heirloom yellow crookneck
      • heirloom yellow straightneck
  • potted plants
    • potatoes
      • sweet potatoes
  • strawberry bed
    • strawberries 
    • lemon mint (aka lemon balm)
    • chocolate mint

...and here's what we still need to do:
  • raised bed
    • cabbage
    • giant mustard
    • amaranth
    • spinach
    • butter lettuce
    • tom thumb lettuce
  • herb garden
    • basil (this may be potted)
    • tarragon
    • dill
    • summer savory
  • back of garage
    • green beans (after the corn starts to come up, which will act as our "bean poles")
  • potted plants
    • potatoes
    • carrots
    • turnips
    • beets
    • rutabaga
  • strawberry bed
    • more strawberries
    • sweet mint
::PHEW!::  I think that's everything!  ...more to come soon...

What are you growing this year?

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