Sunday, May 12, 2013

This week's menu... and my Mother's Day...

Oh man, oh man...  I feel like I'm always just so tired whenever I sit down to write my menu posts...  it probably has something to do with the level of disarray that my house is always in after my kids have been home for the weekend.  This week even more so:

The kids "cooked" Kitty Gramma and me Mother's Day breakfast...  which was reallysupersweet, but not entirely edible.  They told me that I was to sleep in -which meant waking up at 7:30 and laying in bed, listening the the crashing noises coming from the kitchen for an hour or so-  I had laid down a few round rules last night, informing them that they were not to use the stove/oven or knives (with the exception of butter knives for spreading, not cutting) without an adult's supervision.  Well, apparently, I failed to make the blender and the microwave off-limits as well...  I came upstairs to a "smoothie" made of "melted chocolate chips, peanut butter, milk and ice" (yucky), half a toasted bagel with cream cheese (yum, but not enough) and "coffee" (which was part of a caramel Nescafe Memento packet diluted in hot water- mine was too weak, my mom's too strong).  Oh, we were also given an appetizer of walnuts and M&Ms...  it's the thought that counts, right?  That's what I told the kids.
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My mom and Rye ended up picking up some Dunkin' Donuts muffins and bagels to hold us over until lunch.  We tried out a new-to-us Indian restaurant which was really disappointing, then Mom watched the kids while my husband and I ran a few errands (thanks, Mom!)...  overall it was a good day weekend.  Our Mother's Day even started a day early, thanks to the Boy Scout pancake breakfast in our town and Starbucks' half-priced frappuccino event.  Good times.

Oh, *and* Mario's aunt gave me a big ol' turkey!  ...which, you'll see, greatly influences my menu planning for the week:

(the monster's thought bubble is my basic grocery list for the week)

...this week's menu...
Monday: roast turkey, sweet potatoes and veggies

Tuesday: turkey tacos

Wednesday: BBQ turkey sandwiches with dilly beans

Thursday: penne with gramma's pasta sauce (I got the recipe from her last week and it was *exactly* how I remembered it fro my childhood!  YUM!)

Friday: pizza night!

Saturday: go out (?)

Sunday: leftovers/clean out the fridge

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?
What's on your menu this week?

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