Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!!!

How are you celebrating?  Today, it's just my fiance, Moo and me, so we'll be doing some more planting, finishing up and hanging a pop bottle bird feeder that Rye and I started the other day and I'm sure we'll squeeze in a few other things.

A few posts back, I said that my cousin gave me a whole bunch of plants Easter weekend.  I feel so loved!  Check out what he gave me!

Wild black raspberries!
He gave us *eight* plants...
Six have made it, but that's not bad.


Walking onions!

Chocolate mint!
Heck yeah.

Lemon Balm!
....which I found a sorbet recipe
to use it in that I *have* to try!

Well, I'm not quite as excited about this as Fluffy is.

Thanks to my cousin!!!  And check out his YouTube channel, you can see his greenhouse and a neat rocket stove that he built.

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