Monday, April 2, 2012

Time to do some catching up...

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear and loving soon-to-be husband!  I made him a birthday dinner that he was very happy with- musaka (a dish he grew up on), custard and scalloped pineapple (a.k.a pineapple bread pudding)....  recipes will be coming shortly.

Well, about a week ago or so we were having absolutely gorgeous weather...  now it feels more like it's supposed to this time of year (which I'm okay with, I suppose).  I took advantage of our lovely weather and got my hands dirty!  My fiance and I hit the garden department at a nearby grocery store and picked up a raspberry plant and a blueberry plant, which I managed to get in the ground (almost) right away...  they're currently covered with empty storage bins to stop them from getting too cold, though we haven't had a freeze in quite awhile ::fingers crossed:: that we don't have any more!

Our blueberry plant

Our raspberry plant

The single packet of swiss chard seeds that I planted are showing some progress, too!

My fiance has been super sweet and put in a new raised planting bed off of our porch that I can't wait to use when the warmer weather gets here!

Look at it, just asking to be planted in...

This rose used to live where the planting bed is now,
ans it's a good thing that I noticed it there
because my fiance had no idea what it was
and was ready to whack it down!
I saved it's life.

While the weather was sunny I made a point of taking out my paint and getting some stuff done.  It was then that I realized that the fact that I haven't *really* picked up a paintbrush since high school shows itself...  please disregard the blobby-looking "lettuce" stone.

I got this idea from this pin on Pinterest.
...mine aren't nearly as adorable as the originals,
but I like 'em enough and they get
the point across.

I *did* get a little more painting done, but I'll have to show you that in a future post 'cause it's just too darn late for this momma....  I have to make breakfast for the kids in the morning, after all. 

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