Wednesday, April 24, 2013

this week's menu... and trying to save a little bit on my grocery bill...

I'm late!!!  I'm sorry!

Stupid Netflix got me hooked on "Extreme Couponing"........

What???  I had to pass the blame to someone (or, something- whatever).  One of the organizing ladies that I watch on YouTube, Malitose79, talked about it on her channel and I was instantly hooked!  (check out her other channels, too: TheStayAtHomes, and her new channel, OrganizedClutterbug)

So, I went and gathered up the fliers for the stores I shop at and had my husband pick up a couple of Sunday papers for me....  combining the sales fliers, my coupons, some deals that Jill Cataldo listed on her deals of the week page and some of my family's favorite recipes I put together a shopping list and hit the town!

(read more after the jump)

Here's the breakdown:


...this week's menu...

Monday: BLTs (per Rye's request)

Tuesday: BBQ chicken legs with corn/potato mash and broccoli

Wednesday: ratatouille

Thursday: honey mustard pork chops with crash hot potatoes and "grilled" asparagus

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: go out (?)  homemade Thai food night with Kitty Gramma!

Sunday: leftovers  (...or go out since we're not going out on Saturday???)

So, yeah.  Hopefully I can continue with the savings and whatnot...

In other news:
I'm still going nuts organizing my house and I'm due for a dollar store trip for bins and such.  I *am* still planning to do a post about my progress, but I keep forgetting to take before pictures!  Hopefully I can get a post done sometime this week or next...  remind me on my Facebook if I forget and it's something that you want to see!

What's on your menu this week?

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