Monday, April 15, 2013

This week's menu...

...I can't do my grocery shopping until later on in the week (when we get a deposit from a rental car we used for an out-of-state trip back), so I'm having another "make it work" (see: Tim Gunn) moment this week!

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...This Week's Menu...

Monday: Pasta with rose sauce (leftovers in the freezer)

Tuesday: Soup and salad (I'm being general here since I'll probably just pull something from the freezer)

Wednesday:  BLTs, baby!  (note to self: bake a loaf of bread!)

Thursday:  Risotto (minus the Tobasco, plus some peas) and an oven roasted (or rotisserie) chicken (hopefully I can go grocery shopping by now)

Friday:  Pizza night!

Saturday:  Go out for Mom's birthday(?)

Sunday:  Leftovers

....I feel like I've been so lazy with my menus lately...  I'm sure that my spring cleaning frenzy and the fact that I've been trying to use up some of the stuff in our freezer/pantry.

Spring cleaning post coming soon...  I PROMISE!

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