Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"The Scream"

Sorry about my bad mood while I was writing my last post...  apparently the issue is with my web browser (the last update has some issues, it seems).

...and I realized this morning that I spaced out posting yesterday.  Again, I apologize.  I guess daily posts are an unrealistic thing for me, but there's no reason that I can't post more than my usual menu planning post.

Life has been busy.  Last week, then again today, I went to my kids' schools to do a presentation for "AVIC" (Art Volunteers In the Classroom) for each of their classes (kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade).  LOTS of fun!  The schools have paintings that the volunteers can choose from, or we can pick a different one (as long as it's kid-friendly, of course  ...Tim Burton is *not*...  ::sad face::).

I did "The Scream" by Edvard Munch...  did you know that he did *four* different versions?

Plus a bunch of lithographs!
(this is my favorite version)

We talked about other artists taking inspiration from this painting, like Andy Warhol's pop art version, this version featuring Homer Simpson and even The Silence from "Doctor Who" being inspired by the painting.

Seriously, guys.  It was awesome.  ...and Edvard Munch was pretty neat.  It was fun researching an artist that I've never researched before.

If you look for kids' projects based on this painting on Google, you'll find lots of the same basic idea.  I'll have to share their projects when they come home from school.  Every one of the kids in each of their classes did a great job.

...Here's a preview of what's to come...

What excites/inspires you?
What makes you want to scream?

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