Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This week's menu... 10/14/13-10/20/13...

...how many days have I missed now?  ::sad face::

It's okay 'cause I've still posted a heckuva lot more than usual this month.  Keep on the sunny side, right?

The past few days have been crazy busy...  The kids had a four-day weekend, so we filled it with a pumpkin farm, some housework and our city's Scarecrow Fest.  Lots of fun!

...this week's menu...

Monday:  sandwiches for the kids, leftovers for us

Tuesday:  Italian chicken pasta (based on this recipe)

Wednesday:  butternut squash soup (recipe will be available on my other blog soon) and hake with steamed zucchini and saffron sauce (summer squash instead of zucchini, though)

Thursday:  pizza night (moved to Thursdays so my husband won't keep missing it)

Friday:  Gramma's spaghetti (I promise, I'll get the recipe up here eventually)

Saturday:  slow cooker balsamic pot roast

Sunday:  leftovers

What's on your menu this week?

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