Monday, March 4, 2013

Stuff I'm planning to feed my family this week...

This week's menu:

Monday- roasted cauliflower/zucchini/white cheddar soup (from BS' in the kitchen) and spring pea salad with goat cheese (from

Tuesday- red curry beef pot roast (from

Wednesday- penne with tomato cream sauce, without the shrimp (from Back to Her Roots)

Thursday- mushroom toast (I think this idea came from Angry Chicken, but I searched and searched and couldn't find anything close....  so, yeah, I don't know)

Friday- pizza night! (I like to leave this pretty open; could be homemade, frozen or from a restaurant)

Saturday- leftovers (self-explanitory...  if we don't have leftovers, we'll probably go out or pick up something quick)

Sunday- cottage pie (inspired by these recipes from: New Paradigm Health and

.....Other things I'd like to make this week:

crusty french bread...  I had this at my cousin's house not too long ago, tried making it myself and failed...  kind of horribly.  Apparently, the bread just needed to bake a little longer.  When I tried to take it out of the loaf pan, it came out in two halves- top and bottom.  This wouldn't have been such a problem if I hadn't been planning to make sandwiches with it.  Bummer.  Take two.

horchata...  I love this stuff and have always wanted to try making it.  Why not now?  Especially since we'll likely be stuck inside much of the week because of the snow storm that is supposedly headed our direction.

coconut quinoa granola...  I freaking love granola.  I also freaking love quinoa.  Oh, and I freeeaking love coconut.  The whole idea of this just sounds genius to me.  Freaking genius.

I really want to make more granola at home 'cause lots of it has crap that I'm not really interested in eating or feeding to my kids.....  and because my kids like to eat my "special" cereal, so if we keep granola in the house maybe the good chocolate kind that I get for myself will be left alone by them...  maybe.

What's on your menu this week?

Do you have any good granola (or other) recipes you'd like to share?

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